Theme Customizations

While our themes include multiple ways to be customized out of the box, we understand some users want to take things to the next level. Providing customizations is outside our support policy, but we do want to make sure we point you in the right direction and help you avoid losing any changes when updating your theme.

Below are options for customizing your theme, from quick CSS changes to more advanced template customizations using a child theme. We’ve also provided links to qualified developers that can help service your needs.

Custom CSS

For making minor CSS customizations, we recommend adding custom snippets in the “Additional CSS” section in the customizer. Go to Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS to add your snippets.

Child Theme

When looking to make more advanced customizations to your theme, make your changes in a child theme to ensure your modifications aren’t lost when we release updates. You should never directly edit code in a parent theme or plugin.

A sample child theme can be downloaded from your theme’s documentation page.